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BWI Marshall Airport Noise Zone

The Maryland Environmental Noise Act of 1974 provides for the protection of citizens from the impact of transportation related noise. The aviation portion of the Act requires the MDOT MAA to create an Airport Noise Zone (ANZ) to control incompatible land development around BWI Marshall Airport and a Noise Abatement Plan (NAP) to minimize the impact of aircraft noise on people living near the Airport.

The ANZ is determined by a composite of three noise contours: a base year contour, a five-year forecast, and a ten-year forecast. The largest of the three contours in any area around the Airport determines the Noise Zone, thereby offering protection within the largest of the existing or future noise exposure contours. The noise environment around an airport is described by contours of equal noise exposure, representing the noise that occurs during an average 24-hour day, in terms of the Day-Night Average Sound Level (DNL, Ldn).

The initial ANZ and NAP for BWI Marshall Airport was established in 1976, and the most recent ANZ was certified in 2014, incorporated by reference at COMAR The following links provide additional information about the 2014 BWI Marshall ANZ Update.

2014 BWI Marshall Airport – Airport Noise Zone Update (Full document) Adobe PDF format

2014 BWI Marshall Airport – Airport Noise Zone Update (Appendices) Adobe PDF format

2014 BWI Marshall Noise Abatement Plan Executive Summary Brochure Adobe PDF format

2014 BWI Marshall ANZ Tax Map Grid Adobe PDF format

2014 BWI Marshall Tax Map Numbers
3, 4, 8, 9 and 15 (Anne Arundel) and 38 and 44 (Howard)
Adobe PDF format

MDOT MAA is initiating an update to the BWI Marshall ANZ. This page will be updated as additional information becomes available.

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