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Maryland Aviation Administration Online Noise Complaint Form

Residential Application for Portable Noise Monitoring

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

The portable noise monitoring program is conducted by the Division of Noise, Real Estate and Land Use Compatibility Planning of the Maryland Aviation Administration. The purpose of the residential portable monitoring program is to measure noise levels in selected areas on a temporary basis in order to verify the levels projected by the Airport Noise Zone contours, and to provide noise monitoring to residents in the surrounding communities. The final report will provide aircraft noise levels for each day, the percentage of east/west operations, and general information about noise measurements and airport operations.

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Please read each of the following statements, then check the box next to each statement to indicate that you agree to the terms:
I understand that this sample period of noise monitoring is for informational purposes only. The measured noise levels are not synonymous with or used to establish the contours of the BWI Airport Noise Zone and are not used to establish eligibility for any Homeowner Assistance Programs, including the Residential Soundproofing Program. *
I understand that the noise monitoring equipment, especially the microphone cable, is delicate and can be damaged by lawn mowers or other rough use. *
I will take reasonable safeguards for protecting this equipment while it is on my property. *
I understand that any report prepared based upon my application for a portable noise monitor to be placed at my property will be a public record subject to the Maryland Public Information Act and that the report may be shared with others upon request. *
Full Name: (type first and last name in box, this will serve as electronic signature). *
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